History of VEF Minox Sales & Distribution Worldwide


This information may not be complete or fully accurate, I hope we can expand on it and fill in some of the pieces over time. Please send me your input under minoxriga@yahoo.com



        Switzerland (started October 1939).Together with England, Switzerland was one of the earliest foreign representations of the VEF Minox camera. The swiss VEF subsidary was itself only founded in 1939 and was located in the german speaking city of Zurich (Waldmann Strasse 4). With its strategic location and its multi-lingual nature, the Swiss representation may have catered for the German, Italian, and French markets. The Sale price in 1939 was 290 Swiss Francs for the VEF Minox camera and 2.90 Swiss Francs for one roll of Minox film. So little is known about VEF Minox in Swizerland, do you know more?