Zemgales Blass No.47 02.11.1938

VEF's gift for President

The President Karlis Ulmanis today adopted the audience and discussed with the Minister of Agriculture J. Birznieku. After the President adopted a VEF director A. Vitols, who came to show the President the first factory-produced photo camera, a so-called "Minox." This new camera is less than the normal size of a match box, weighs 125 grams, and  can easily fit into the pocket of your jacket. Despite the fact., Minox "light capability is very important 1:3.5 and an advantage. Probably due to a short focal objects to shoot only 20 cm away and all objects further than 2 m photographed without all the" sharpness "setting. 9X11 mm negative format images can be increased in any desired size. Minox will be equipped with all the modern equipment to facilitate the work of the photographer, and it is likely that it will be a consent not only Latvian, but also abroad. Price is expected to be below Ls 200.