Sale Box

The Sale Box If you bought a Minox camera, it came with a small little sale box. The sale box was made out of cardboard and has either a leather imitate or velvet appearance. Inside the box is a small sheet glued to the inner lid describing all the different patents which were granted to VEF for the Minox. There are three main versions. Interestingly the dimensions of the box allow 2 Minox film tins to be included.

Picture 1 Box plus dimensions
Picture 2 Box inside lid
Picture 3 Box inside bottom
Picture 4 Box inside bottom plus film
Picture 5 Box bottom

Version 1. Latvian "Leather-like" --- Normal Logo
. At least 2 variations may exist. The early box may have had a different Patent inscription while the later already state that the patents are granted.

Note: The logo is "pressed" into the paper

Version 2. Russian "Leather-like" --- Logo without Riga. Made by the same supplier using the same materials. However the "Riga" is ommited and the logo itself was printed rather then pressed onto the paper! See the difference here

Note: The logo is only printed not pressed. Interesting: The russian boxes I came across (thus far 2) had both no patent inscription (see here). Coincidence? or did they ommit it on purpose? You know more?

Version 3. German "Velvet-like" --- Normal Logo. The box, its dimensions, its inside and the patent inscription is still idential. The only change is that the outside paper is now velvet-like and the "Riga" is back in the logo. Interestingly the early post-war boxes are also use velvet-like paper.(see here)

Note: The logo is "pressed" into the velvet paper

Be aware, Sale boxes have been copied. There is some debate about "Version 3"due to their good quality. Collectors are divided on their originality. Some look well used and are falling appart like the other boxes (see here). The good quality boxed could be genuine surplus stock.Some however have been altered to "look old" using a rough sandpaper treatment. Re-makes or Genuine! Decide yourself. I am more on the believer end here. Despite this, more obvious copies and re-makes have surfaced which you can easily spot (see here).