News & Reviews

There are many articles about the Minox in Newspapers and Magazines from 1938-1942 in particular. This list is by no means complete! If you happen to read a (camera) magazine from that era and stumble upon a Minox artcicle, please let me know. Thank you

YearDateMagazine or NewspaperDetailsComment
193808.04.1938Latvijas Karevis (Latvia)First press release
British Journal of photography (UK)Vol.85, No.4074, p352Note
02.11.1938Zemgales Balss (Latvia)First factory-produced Minox
xx.12.1938Popular Photography (USA)Vol.3, No.6, p56Announcement
193925.02.1939Zemgales Balss (Latvia)Sale start Latvia
18.08.1939Atputa (Latvia)No.772Announcement
xx.10.1939Miniature Camera Magazine (UK)p1031-35Comprehensive Review
14.12.1938Flight & Aircraft Engineer (UK)Vol. 36, No.1616, p500Review
194031.01.1940Amateur Photographer (UK)p98Review
20.06.1940 New York Times (USA)Sale start USA
xx.06.1940Asahi Camera (Japan)No.6Announcement
xx.10.1940Camera Magazine (USA)Vol.61, No.4, p85Review
American Photography (USA)Vol.32 No.10Mentioned
1941xx.11.1941Statistische Berichte fuer das Ostland (Germany)Jg.1, No.1Production Stats
1942xx.01.1942Statistische Berichte fuer das Ostland (Germany)Jg.2, No.1&2Production Stats
Heeres-Verordnungsblatt (Germany)Vol.24, Part C, No,185, p150End of Production