Service & Repair


Donald A Goldberg
2128 Vintage Drive Oregon WI 53575 USA

Telephone 608-835-3342 Email:

Master craftsman since eons, he repaired 100s of Rigas over the years. I count at least 28 Rigas on this single bench in his repair shop [photo (c)Don Goldberg] As of June 2012 waiting time is 1 year+ but excellent workmanship


Andy Britton & Paul O Sullivan
School CottageVernham Dean Hants SP110JY UK

Telephone 01667  45405 Email:

MS Hobbies are Minox dealers  since 1969 and are able to service Minox cameras. They even have a few VEF Minox spare parts

Film Slitters

Goat Hill Photo

Joe McGloin
3271 S. Clay St.
Sheridan, CO 80110 USA

Works perfectly!

New Minox cases


Luigi Crescenzi
via Courmayeur 35
00135 Roma, Italy     

Telephone ++39 337 747633  Email:

New 2013 version out now!

Classic Luigi case

Since 1982! Maybe even better made than the original, and fits better too  [photo (c)]

Film service


Original "Minox" film stock
"MSHobbies" branded Minox film stock