The Minox is small and easily missplaced. The small artciles were published by unfortunate VEF Minox owners who lost their minox.


Minox No.07827
Current status: Still Lost

Its in Latvian so I try my best to translate:

Minox VEF No.07827 fotocamera vanished on Sunday, 6th of September [1942] in Rigas Jurmala Majoros . Be warned of purchasing or retaining the camera. If you have any knowledge contact Rigas Jurmala Military police in the street at Amber stac., or Riga, M. Sand street 2/4, shop, A Krumins. Tel. 23497

Note: Jurmala is a resort at the sea whith white-sandy beaches just a short ride of 25 kilometers west of Riga. Jurmala actually consists of a string of small resorts.Majori refers to the central district of Jurmala, famous for its spa hotels, turn of the century manor houses .

Minox No.12678
Current status: Still Lost

Its in german so I try my best to translate it:

Who has advice? (column title?)
Lt. Martin M-r writes: During the first few days of April (1942), I lost my Minox camera Nr.12678 on the runway at Masslowo-Ljubno (airport?). The film was exposed with extraordinary precious pictures. The find (of the camera) must have been witnessed. The finder or the person who can specify the finder will recieve a large reward. Messages to Feldzeitung 17007

Note: Masslowo-Ljubno: North-West of Sofiya, Bulgaria? or Slowenia? or Maslow Airport near Kielce Poland?