75 year anniversary!
Find all surviving No.01080 cameras (2018: +37 cameras)
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"When it comes to interesting histories, the Minox Riga is the clear winner.
No other camera has been through war, espionage and intrigue and - survived..." (subclub.org)

VEF Minox, Minox Riga, Rigaer Minox, Minoksa , リガ・ミノックス

To do list (New items)

(*) Manuals: US Minox Replacement Manual / different from Latvian English Manual - pictures soon!

(*) Manuals: French Minox Camera Manual - pictures soon!

(*) Articles:  Minature Camera World 1938 - pictures soon!

(*) Articles:  Photo Technique 1940 - pictures soon!

(*) Articles:  Travel Magazine 1940 - pictures soon!

(*) Items: US Minox Film Type A (Blue) found, now we have all Types A+B+C - pictures soon!

(*) Items: 1940s Minox USA Sales/Serial No. Certificate /different from Latvian - pictures soon!

(*) Chapters: Minox Technical Section: Film Advance, Shutter, Timing Mechanism, Paralax Correction - pictures soon!

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