The Reviews

        The original Latvian announcements (08. April 1938), In April 1938 the three newspapers Latvijas Kareivis, Zemgalas Balss, and Jaunakas Zinas featured a press release of the imminent introduction of the VEF Minox camera to the Latvian market. The camera was qoted to be introduced the coming month (01 May 1938) and would have a sale price of 200Ls. I translated for you the first article with google translator, so it may include several mistakes.


VEF designed camera


VEF years ago had the idea to construct a fundamentally new camera for highest comfort demands. First, it should have been so small that it can always be carried wit you without the burden to of a case? and it requires little technical knowledge. These properties combined VEF camera and is reflected in the excellent? performance. The short focal length (15 mm) allows for shooting without major equipment items as much as 20 centimeters. Increasing from that distance shoot postcards, got a life-sized exposures. VEF camera is also the first objectivo switch with illumination time of 1 / 1000 second. It will only be achieved thanks to the fact that the contractor moving mass is very small. so at high speed reaches up to now only a slit-breakers, but they quickly fro motion objects skewed. Exposure time can be set at the open, or closed unit, and also before use. For Clouds and mood displays there is and Built-in yellow filter, which can be switched on as needed and by which, during closing, automatically shuts off again. The VEF is what you expect from an amateur and multi-purpose camera. It enables the capture of close-up objects and the VEF camera takes in the landscape, achieving equal sharpness with the near objects, as well as far to the horizon. VEF Cameras Low weight and high capture ability (up to 50 exposures) makes it particularly suited for travel and different tours. The VEF camera quickly and easily reproduces letters, Illustrations, art and the like. The size of the exposures can be chosen as you wish, in principle there is not limit for enlargement. Formats of 24x30cm can be achieved easily. The VEF camera dimensions are as follows: 15 (above the setting buttons 17) x 27 x 80 mm (ie less then a match box). Weight - 125 grams. Objective: >Minostigmat< 1:3.5 F = 15mm and a high volume of up to 50 exposures. Time setting from: 1 / 2 to 1 / 1000 second, along with B and T. Distance adjustment: from 20cm to infinity. The VEF camera is patented in Latvia and the most remarkable of all countries in the world. New cameras will go on sale approximately in one month time.


Promotional material

        Mazaka Ertaka Fotokamera Pasaule (Smallest most convenient camera in the world) was a sales leaflet which briefly introduced the VEF Minox camera system (Camera, development tank and enlarger) to interested customers. It explains the main features of the little camera and its essential darkroom equipment, as well as showing two beautiful sample pictures of what quality the VEF would deliver. Sample translation: "Also you, are given the oportunity to take such pictures any time.."


The advertisements

        The Atputa magazine. In only have one magazine. Big thanks to nice for sending me these beautiful photocopies


        The Rota magazine. I assume it was an aviation? magazine. These VEF Minox advertisement are very different in style from the ATPUTA ad campain. Very intreaging. Again a big huge thanks to nico for sending me beautiful photocopies