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"My Brand New Old Minox Riga"

I was able to find a Minox Riga in like new condition, even though it was made in 1943-44. So here are my first images and impressions of the new "Old" Riga.

I suppose because of the  design of the older 3 element  lens, and because of the limited (or lack of?) lens coating, all the images are "softer",(less resolution)  and have less contrast  (between 1-2 grades of  paper contrast)  when  comparied to images from my much newer LX, EC, B, C etc. or even my Model III (1952).

Frankly, I find it pleasent, and plan to take many more Riga shots, just for that "older" feel.

I'll try to show you what I mean with these shots.

All three of the above shots were taken with the Riga near Glen Rose, Texas, where a Cowboy Action Shooting Club meets to "re-live" the Wild West of the 1860's. The light was light overcast, so you can't really tell here that they were a bit flat.

Contrast and "sharpness"

Here below is a very unscientific test comparison between the Riga and an LX. Both shots were taken on the same roll of (T-Max 100 film), but taken a from different angles, (they weren't taken as a comparison test at the time) but both were in "bright sun. No prints were made, both negatives were scanned at the same settings and shown here "unaltered".

The Riga shot is on the Left and the LX is on the Right, and below an enlargement of the thermometer in the center of both images.


Lens Flare and the Riga..yup.

Below, an available light Riga shot on the Left and an LX shot on the Right. No "other-worldly" lens flare circles on the LX shot, even when the light sources are way over-exposed.

Still, I do love the feeling of the Riga shots, they remind me of the old "Silver Screen" Black and White movies. You know, like "Casabalanca". And, who would have thought, back in 1938, that the Minox camera could be so romantic?

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