Don Goldberg (DAGCamera) on  Minox Riga:

[..] There are 2 things that I know for sure about the Riga Minox- in 1976 while I was working at Leitz in New Jersey Leitz became the Authorized Minox Repair Station for the U.S. and since I was trained at the Minox Factory for 3 months I became the head of the Minox Repair Dept. It just happened that the first German to work for Minox right after WW11 was working at Leitz and he gave me his collection of Riga Minox Parts that he still had.

While working for Minox in a garage in Wetzlar, Germany the Latvians that “escaped” to Germany from the VEF Factory wanted to get the remaining parts from the VEF Factory, contacted them & somehow convinced them to ship the remaining parts, tools, etc. by train to Wetzlar. Everything arrived, however, they could not pay the fees for out of the country goods so everything was sent to a steel factory in Wetzlar to be destroyed. The original foreman from the VEF Factory & the first German to work at Minox, Germany went to the steel mill (Burderus- still is operating in Wetzlar) & pleaded with the guard to let them have at least some of the parts, the guard said that they could take a suitecase full of parts, the foreman knew which parts to take in order to make up some cameras & they had to put the same weight in loose metals matching the weight of the Minox parts for the inspectors to check everything before they were destroyed.

A handful of Riga Minox camera were made from those parts & they were able to repair lots of Riga Minox cameras using those parts. And the remaining parts including the suitecase that they came in were given to me and I was able to repair lots of Rigas from those parts. I also made up 3 or 4 cameras from them [..].