The Certificate/ Guarantee Card/ Camera Passport If you bought a Minox camera, it came with a small little sale box. Inside the box was a little certificate which carried the Serial number and was signed with an initial confirming that it underwent quality checks before it left the factory. The sale assistant would then stamp the certificate in his shop and enter the sale date. From that moment on you had 12 month factory guarantee. 

Version 1 -Standard design

Version 2 -Genuine or not?



Serial NoVersionLogoPaperPrintingSold by windowWhichQuality ControlDate (SALE or QC)Comment
36781d -blankStandardgood +sandpapertoo precisewrongwrongFantasy SignatureFantasy DateRemake
70431Standard15.11.1940 SALE
70551aStandardcorrectcorrectSignature01.11.1940 SALE
70841Standard16.11.1940 SALE
93861cStandardroughcorrectcorrectcorrectStamp (Darbnicas Kontrole)21.04.1941 QCcorrect
95791cStandardStamp (?)16.04.1941 QC
120322aNoneStamp (VEF Techniska Kontrole 0-2)03.09.1941 QCreal ?
130842bCurvedStamp (VEF Techniska Kontrole 0-1)17.11.1943 QC ***real ?
131532bCurvedStamp (VEF Techniska Kontrole 0-3)27.04.1942 QC ***real ?
131822bCurvedStamp (VEF Techniska Kontrole 0-2)13.12.1941 QCreal ?
***Production stopped Nov/Dec '41 (latest beginning of '42), End of '43 the Germans already started to evacuate

BLANK Certificate/ Gurantee Card / Camera Passport
Blank certificates exist! Some have been used to "replace" the missing original certificate (see here). One urban legend is that they were left over stock (thus original). Fact is, they were made using a different material, printing master, and printing press! The original certificate is made out of rough cardboard. The blank ones are on better quality cardboard paper. Using your finger, you can "feel" the indentation of the printing press on the original certificate. The blank certificates are smooth and you can not feel any indentation.The print of the original certificate is not as precice, the blank certificate is "very" precise. The original font of the text inside is slightly different from the font found in the blank certificate (look at the letter "m" and any bold font). The blue ink is also different between the two. The metal ring is different between the two as well. In addition many of them are stamped inside the "sold by" window with a VEF stamp. That is very unusual. Re-makes or Genuine! Decide yourself. I am on the fence here. Here two comparisons (see here). There are also some more obvious "home-made" certificates around (see here).

You can identify blank certificates:

Be aware, Sellers of blank certificates have recently given them a rough sandpaper treatment, now the paper "appears" to be rougher and the print "appears" to be not as exact! (see below) Very very difficult to spot for a normal Minox collector.  Again are they genuine surplus? or modern re-makes. You decide!

Be aware, It is obvious that someone with a lot of skill, time, resources and great depth of knowledge created these blank cards and subsequently modern remakes. It looks as if they have the correct serial number stencils. I personally have nothing against replacing a lost card with a modern remake (as long as they are identifiable and not sold as genuine).

I guess it is a cat and mouse game. The two obvious mistakes (missing h & wrong sold by window dimensions) can be easily corrected in a new version. Then only a close up professional inspection might determine if they are old or new.