What does the Minox registry tell us? 

The Mystery of Batch #3: Imperial Export cameras

As you can see, there are three batches of imperial export cameras, batch #1,#2,#3. It is very clear that batch number

Only when Minox Inc in New York was established a year later, were cameras send over to the US. Therefore:
However there is that mystery of batch number #3. Sitting right inside the russian occupation of latvia. No matter how you turn it, these are very unusual. Its obvious that with the russian occupation, export cameras suddenly disappear. So why do they re-appear? The mystery of Batch #3.

  1. The russian administration approved a new commercial order which was cut short by the war
  2. The russian administration approved the assembly of a small Minox batch for non-commercial/intelligence use
  3. The cameras were assembled as Metric versions, exported (e.g. Switzerland?) and converted to Imperial elsewhere  
I have a feeling that it could be the third option. Export cameras that broke down could have been fixed locally at the Minox HQ in London or New York. They may thus had stocks of spare parts and may have been able to exchange the distance dial on some cameras (until they ran out of parts).