Atputa No 772, 18.08.1939

Smallest Precision Camera World

The camera in its century-old existence undergone great changes. Old, good camera tripod long since forgotten because fotoainalieri and the spirit of the great reporters of suitable īnaz camera. Bel now, photos anniversary year, the highest achievement in the development of the VEF. provides a new type of camera - VEF Minox, which is so small and convenient that it can be worn always with you that I do it with a pocket watch or a knife. Already Minox camera looks constitution shows that it is constructed independently of all previously occurring Tons camera, but completely appropriate conditions of use and set up, the full sense of the word, suitable for pocket, with no edges and protruded parts. With a simple stainless steel made shell withdrawal, comprehensively sealed chamber makes up for the reception, in which this movement while donning switch and transported filmu.Tāpēc ABC also is not putting the camera button. Lenses can set the torque switch from 1/2 to 1/1000 sec. and also the time companies. The shutter button is a single setting, which for admission are to be set accordingly. Length scale replanted only if take of objects is very close, as the depth of sharpness ABC camera ranges from 2 mtr. to infinity. Since then almost 90 proc. the companies can do nepārstādot sharpness. The VEF Mino \ camera can capture a 20 cm without any papildlēcām. If such a distance from the object to take to increase postcard format, then get an image of the natural size. Camera small size offers another important advantage: a completely alkrīt Transplant diaphragm in the lens, rinselies on the ability of large light, 1: 3.5, has a great depth of focus. Lenses particularly well safeguarded against damage mechaniskieni tions, as it built behind aizsargsfikla apparatus inside. Such a constitution still has its good qualities that the companies do not require backlighting sun blen s.Also, Minox Camera scale melotājā saskak.mas new benefits. Picture shows a sharp light frame. Image eral condition, and does not depend on the size of the eye condition. It meant that the seeker with automatic parallel axis alignment, image clipping is always correct. The knurled bīdslieni above the finder, the lens can be put dzcltēno filter to the camera aizbīdīšanas automatically positions the previous baseline.The camera can be inserted into the film 50 exposures. In particular, the film just happens to change. Light safe packaging films due to the small size of the packaging designed as double-cassette. Thus, the film unpleasant alkrīt also named under the second, empty film reel. It is sufficient if placed in the packaging apparatus and lighting it up again taken out. As can be seen, the ABC is a completely new type of camera that ai its external simplicity and ease of use promotes amateur photography, but also completely  new Part the roads and feasibility.The capacity of the Minox camera's work is showcased in these different Minox exposures.