Vintage VEF Minox Negatives


Please help us finding out more information about these films. Any small hint about the pictures, e.g. clothing, buildings, locations, people are very much apprechiated. Please email me unders Thank you so much. I will try to continue to upload some vintage Minox film.

VEF Minox Negatives

Can You help? Both films belong together. They were found 20 years ago in Barrowlands antique markets in Glasgow. So they may or may not have an association with Scotland. Both were stored uncut in their original VEF Minox 10/10 film tin. The second film was rolled very tightly and thus suffered the most damage. In the second film, there is a picture of a cathedral (Pic.4), two officers are wearing a clearly visible shoulder badge (Pic.2-3), and one officers hat has a recogniseable badge (Pic.10). The pictures from overseas contain some iconic buildings. They are all located at the waterfront, Apollo bunder (Wellington Pier) in south Mumbai (Bombay), India. They include the Gateway to India, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club (Pic.30-33)

At home in Britain, Family life

British Officers back on "Duty" in India

1. Mess hall?

2. Delicious Sandwiches

3. Top Brass

4. Cathedral?

5. Friend?

6. Top Brass and assistant?

7. Reading newspaper

8. Reading newspaper

9. and smoking cigarettes

10. Top Brass

11. More Top Brass, family members, leaving day?

12. On the bench

13. Cheers

14. Leaving drinks with wife?

15. Ship Voyage, Top Brass

16. Passing Time

17. Relaxing on deck

18. Officer with spectacles

19. Another Officer on deck

20. Top Brass on deck

21. Arrival, snack time!

22. Indoors

23. Indoors second, Man with glasses?

24. Relaxing on the benches

25. Swimming Party, previous officer in the background

26. Officer with beard

27. Reading newspaper

28. Top Brass (***)

29. Same Officer (**) with beard pic.26

30. Officer with pipe, to the left Gateway to India

31. Gateway to India (build 1924)

32. Same view to the right, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (build 1903)

33. Further to the right, Royal Bombay Yacht club

34. In camp 

35. In camp -  must be warm

36. Relaxing inside a large tent

37. Same officer smoking 

38. Yes, finally someone ditched the long trousers & shirt 

39. Young looking (**) Officer 

40. Another chap

41. Not Higgins :-)

42. One sleeve up

43. Smiling officer with medals

44. Shorts and long socks